Ing. Martin Bakeš
Appraiser at branch

Soudní znalec

Appraiser at economic and engineering branch

My name is Martin Bakeš, I have graduated at technical university Brno - college of mechanical engineering with specialisation in production machines. After graduating I successfully passed 4 semesters study at Institute of consulting engineering in Brno. By fulfilling all the legal requirements I was appointed by resolution of The Chairman of Regional Court in Hradec Králové to be an appraiser:

The Economy

  • Branch of the prices and assessments of the production machines, devices and systems

The Engineering

  • Branch of the general engineering - the assessment of the conditions of the production machines, devices and systems

Detailed analysis

For more demanding orders I co-operate with both renowned laboratories and scientific institutions. It basically refers to the determination of mechanical properties of materials, chemical composition, fracture analysis etc.